Retailers, give Bay Area customers a piece of history in the making. 

Winner G State Spearmint Chewing Gum
from 60.00

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A full case contains 12 boxes with 12 individual packs. Half cases are half that, naturally. Each pack has 12 pieces of gum.

  • Wholesale $0.75, MSRP is $1.50-$1.89

  • 50%+ margin

  • Limited quantity available

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Winner Gum CEO/Founder Neal Dubisky 

Winner Gum CEO/Founder Neal Dubisky 

The benefits of purchasing Winner Green

  • Offer your customers something one of a kind

  • Low risk
  • Sells better than major brands in targeted markets
  • Great margins
  • Delivers to your store/door

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Frequently asked questions

When will my case/s be delivered?

  • Shipments will go out by September 8, 2018.

What type of gum is it?

  • It is a sugar free, spearmint, made in the USA from a leading manufacturer of some of the most iconic gum brands we know today.

What is the shelf life of the product?

  • 2 years from 8/15/18.

How many cases are available?

  • We only have 100 cases of product for the first order and we hope to reorder by Halloween and Christmas. Great candy to pass out and put in stockings.

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